Sebastian Moran shooting at Jim with a pistole like this during summer

"Nasty Jim."

Sebastian Moran spraying water at Jim during the enitre year 


Because Jim Moriarty is like a naughty cat don’t even act surprised we all know that 


Look, it’s Jim bathing. Sebastian is filming.

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Jim Moriarty Quotes /[4]

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Muse A is kidnapped by scientists to be experimented on. Turns out these scientists were people Muse B used to work for and are trying to get back at Muse B for leaving. Now, Muse B knows what is going to happen and they muse race against time in order to save Muse A before it’s too late.

Twist #1: Muse B is too late and has to watch as Muse A dies.

Twist #2: Muse B gets there just in time to watch Muse A turn into an emotionless killer like the scientists wanted.

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                                 i have been broken;
                              more times than i dare to coυɴт.
                                          but i FIX myself,
                                       & i get on with the job.  }

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"Can you hand me a towel? I’m a little wet."


     ” see, I could hand you a towel, but where would be the fun in that?

"I can assure you, handing me the towel would be much more fun.”

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